Mark Hix

Mark Hix


  Born in Philadelphia in 1964, but primarily raised in a mid-west suburb of Chicago, Hix made his way to the downtown lofts of Los Angeles by the end of the 1990’s. At the age of 27, a serious, self taught study in art began to arise, and within a few years it had become a full-time vocation. Living at “The Brewery”, an artist community that opens their doors annually to thousands of the general public, gave ample opportunity to unveil many styles and techniques.
Recent study has focused on figurative painting.
 Subject matter centers primarily on nature scenes, portraits of his family, literary icons, social rebels, and other heroes of the human spirit.
Hix currently lives and paints in Riverside, CA.

2000 - Projecting Relief   Brand Galleries, Glendale CA
2003 - Shadow Criminals  LaFia House, Los Angeles CA
2005 - Art & Soul 'n' Transition  LaFia House, Los Angeles CA
2007 - Rebirth of Green  W-13 & Co., Los Angeles CA
2007 - CJ Kang/ Mark Hix "New Work"  Gallery W-14, Los Angeles CA
2007 - Lover's Ritual  W-13 & Co., Los Angeles CA

2007 - Hausguests  Haus Gallery, Los Angeles CA

2008 - Exploring Re-modernism & the Culture of War and Peace   W-13 & Co., Los Angeles CA

2008 - Le Gathering  W-13 & Co., Los Angeles CA

2009 - I am the Land  bG Gallery, Santa Monica CA

2010 - Revenants  Bleicher/ Golightly Gallery, Santa Monica CA

2011 - Test Pilots  Bleicher Gallery La Brea, Los Angeles CA


Mark Hix is a Los Angeles based painter, whose paintings and sculptures are known for their expressive style and spiritual overtones. Anachronistic by nature, his work speaks to an admiration for the art of the modern era.